3 Perks Every Great Food Service Management Contract Should Have


Whether you are the manager of a commercial eatery or the nutrition executive in a nursing home facility, having access to food service management can make every level of your daily operations a lot easier to handle. Contract food service management companies, often simply referred to as FSMs, meet food needs in a business setting by offering menus, food delivery, and nutritional plans to cater to a specific business need. If you are in the process of looking for a new FSM company, there are a few perks you should be on the lookout for when you are going over a new contract.

Discounts for High-Volume Purchases - It is always beneficial if you can find an FSM that offers discounts for high-volume purchases. If you have enough storage space on the premises of your business, this discount allows you to take advantage of great savings when you order larger amounts of food than normal. This discount is also beneficial if you need to order extra supplies for an upcoming event, such as family day at a nursing home where you would be feeding many more people than usual.  

Cycled Menu Plans - Cycled menu plans work well in just about any setting as far as nutrition goes, but receiving the foods you need on a specific cycle is also a good way to ensure that you always have a reliable bill for FSM services. Even though the amount you pay may fluctuate slightly, with cycled meal plans, you will always know that you will be paying roughly the same amount for monthly deliveries. 

Prompt or Early Payment Discounts - In some cases, an FSM will give you and your business an incredible discount if you pay for services in advance or by a specific billing date through the year. Prompt payment discounts will usually only apply if you are a larger-scale customer who orders food monthly or is on a cycle of food products to be delivered. However, this discount definitely offers a good option for savings if you are trying to cut food expenses. 

While you can always expect a clear outline of the price you will be billed for an FSM's services, it is always helpful if you find a company that offers attractive bonuses and perks to help keep food costs low. Talk to the manager of an FSM, such as New Horizon Foods, to find out about financial perks that may be available. 


8 January 2016

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