Six Gifts For The Coffee Lover This Season

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Want to give a coffee lover something they will love? Hone-in on the almighty bean and give them something that fosters their love of coffee. Consider these six gifts this season, and year-round!

1.       K-Cup Pods

The most obvious and perhaps the most practical gift to give is coffee. Give a selection of Starbucks k-cup pods to offer some flavors that they may have tried and try to pinpoint their favorite, including that in the gift, too. For example, they love strong, dark coffee so give them a box of Columbian or Donut Shop k-cup pods.

2.       Sweet Syrups and Add-Ins

For an inexpensive gift with lots of flavor, give your coffee lover some flavored syrups with spout-tops that work perfectly in an at-home coffee station. These uniquely flavored syrups turn a simple cup of coffee into a specialty drink from a barista; select from options like vanilla, peppermint bark, pecan caramel, or peanut butter cup!

3.       Coffee Centerpiece

Celebrate coffee with a DIY centerpiece that infuses the entire home with the scent of fresh-brewed java. Fill a clear glass vase with a couple inches of coffee beans and nest a votive or pillar candle (depending on the size of your vase) inside. This is a lovely and aromatic centerpiece for the recipient's coffee station or kitchen counter.

4.       Coffee Station Storage

Give the gift that keeps giving: storage space! Gift a k-cup pod carousel or a k-cup drawer to sit under the recipient's coffee maker or carousel. Typically, these units fit k-cups, sugar packets, and tea bags, saving space and making everyday life more convenient.

5.       Coffee-Infused Beauty Products

Keep an eye out for coffee infused beauty aids, like lotions, body butters, and soap. These products contain caffeine, which is supposed to rejuvenate skin and make you look younger. Toss a few in a cute bag or basket for your gift recipient.

6.       Coffee Station Sign

Create or buy a cool handcrafted coffee station sign; it is what differentiates a coffee station from simply the spot where the coffee maker sits. Not too handy? Give a small, hanging chalkboard to serve as a sign in the space. This is a great way for leaving notes and daily inspirations, too.

Naturally, if you want to impress and delight your recipient, give them the latest style of k-cup coffee maker for their home. Make sure to purchase only those machines that will be compatible with your universal style k-cups coffee pods.

Got a coffee lover on your gift list? Give them one of these six suggestions, or better yet, pair a couple for a gift that any coffee-drinker will appreciate. Visit k-cup retailers and sites, such as 11th Street Coffee, to find what you need to complete your coffee-inspired gift.


9 December 2018

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