Things To Know If You Receive A Bag Of Whole-Bean Colombian Coffee

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Have you recently received a bag of Colombian whole-bean coffee as a gift? This is becoming quite a common gift as specialty and gourmet coffee companies are springing up around the world. If you're not an adventurous coffee drinker, you may not be sure of the significance of this coffee, what to do with it, or what to expect from it. Here are the key things to know.

Colombian coffee is good quality.

Colombia is one of the biggest coffee producers in the world, and its coffee is known for being quite good. It tends to be less acidic than a lot of other coffees. It also tends to be pretty balanced. This is partly because of the soil and water quality in Colombia, and partly because Colombian coffee growers tend to only grow Arabica beans, which are of really good quality. All in all, if you have a bag of Colombian coffee, you can count on it being really good and appealing to a wide range of palates.

Colombian coffee works well for cold brew.

Cold brew coffee is made by pouring cold water, rather than hot water, over the ground coffee beans and allowing them to sit and steep for a longer period, such as overnight. Colombian coffee is a good choice for cold brew because it is not too acidic. So, if you're looking for a fun way to use your whole-bean Colombian coffee, you could make some cold brew. Just keep in mind that cold brew is made with a higher proportion of coffee to water, so you'll use up your coffee sooner.

The coffee should store well in the freezer.

If you have more Colombian coffee beans than you can use within a few weeks, don't worry. When they are not ground, coffee beans stay quite fresh in the freezer. You will want to seal them up carefully and thoroughly in a plastic bag before freezing them. Only take out as many as you plan on using at a time. They should stay fresh and delicious for at least a few months. The cold temperature and low humidity in the freezer both work well.

Now, you should have a better idea of what your Colombian coffee beans really are, how to enjoy them, and how to store them. You might decide you like the coffee so much that you buy more.

Contact a local coffee shop to learn more about Colombian whole-bean coffee.


7 February 2023

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