4 Authentic Mexican Dishes That You Absolutely Must Try

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Mexican-American food is delicious, there is no argument there. However, many Americans have not sampled a dish that is authentically Mexican. There is far more to the world of Mexican cuisine that what can normally be found in the States. Whether you're in Mexico, or have to seek out an authentic Mexican restaurant in the United States, you must absolutely try a few – if not all – of these dishes.

Arroz Con Leche

This dish literally translates to "rice with milk," but it is more commonly known to foreigners as "rice pudding." Although this dish is simple, it is also deceivingly delicious. It is an easy construct of rice, milk, and topped with a bit of cinnamon. The simplicity and quick turnover of this dish means that it is served virtually everywhere in Mexico and is eaten quite often.

Fruit With Chili Powder

If you're a fan of street vendor food, and you find yourself in Mexico, you're bound to try out this dish at one time or another. Like arroz con leche, this is another simple construct. It is simply a small bowl of fruit sprinkled with a bit of chili powder on top. The fruit is usually fresh – sometimes straight off of the vine – and the chili powder adds an element of spiciness to the fruit that pairs surprisingly well.


Mole is often times merely considered a sauce in the United States, but in Mexico and for those of Mexican descent, mole is the main ingredient – and often the namesake – of various dishes. Mole actually consists of a variety of very similar sauces that each have their own singular taste and color. The one thing that unites all of the types of mole is that they all begin their life constructed from hot chili pepper. One of the most often added ingredients to mole is chocolate, which gives the sauce a dark brown hue and a flavor that combines spiciness with sweetness.


These are often referred to as "lava bowls" by English speaking foreigners, and it's easy to see why it has earned the nickname. This dish is a literal bowl of various meats and veggies that is stewed and served boiling hot. Even the bowl itself is hot to the touch. Not only is the dish spicy, but it is literally hot to the tongue and is incredibly hearty. One bowl should be enough to tide you over for hours. Look for great Mexican restaurants in Tucson AZ for more information. 


19 July 2016

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