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When you visit your doctor, one of the things he probably tells you is to lower your sugar intake in order to control your weight and avoid other complications such as Type 2 diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, and a host of other serious health issues. In fact, the World Health Organization recommends eating no more than six teaspoons of sugar a day, an amount that is less than what some twelve-ounce sodas contain. You can help lower the amount of sugar you eat each day by using some tasty replacements. 

Maple Syrup

Although maple syrup still needs to be used in moderation, it has benefits that refined sugars do not have. The glycemic score of maple syrup is lower than that of refined sugar, which is good for your blood sugar levels. In addition, maple syrup contains healthy antioxidants and some minerals, something that sugar does not have. Organic maple syrup is also an excellent, natural sweetener without unhealthy additives. If you want to eat clean, contact a company like Covered Bridge Maple Sugaring for organic maple syrup options that can help improve your diet.


Experts say that stevia is a truly safe and natural alternative to sugar. Although its value for baking is limited, it is perfect for sweetening your drinks and general cooking. It comes as a powder or a liquid and can help you more easily wean yourself off of refined sugar.


Honey has its critics, but this natural sweetener offers health benefits, even to diabetics. Although honey still raises blood sugar, it has a lesser effect than glucose and sucrose do as sweeteners. Honey has also been found to lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. In addition, it can raise your good (HDL) cholesterol. As if that weren't enough, honey also contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Of course, you can still overdo it. Replacing sugar with huge dollops of honey will not help you to lose weight and will also keep your blood sugar levels too high. Remember, all things in moderation is a good motto to follow for any food.

Refined sugar is hard to resist. In fact, some people are addicted to it. Although you can consume low amounts of sugar each day, you will be better off if you replace most of your sugar consumption with other substances. Try gradually lowering your dependence on sugar by using maple syrup, honey, and stevia as replacements. You may find yourself looking and feeling better as time goes on. Your doctor is also sure to approve. 


16 August 2016

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