3 Smart Lessons To Know Prior To Hiring A Wedding Caterer

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Are you planning to get married? If so and a wedding reception is in your plans, you may intend to hire a wedding catering service. The following are some starting points that you should keep in mind. 

Serving Options and Budget 

Perhaps you would like to have a full course meal served to your guests. If you are concerned about going over your budget, make a mental note that you may be able to reduce other wedding costs to free up revenue for the catering portion. For example, you may decide to purchase less flowers, choose a different venue, or choose a different photography package. You could also discuss having a lighter menu featuring hor d'ouevres, cake, and similar food options.

Venue Limitations

If you have not decided on a reception location, it may be best to tend to this detail prior to hiring a caterer. This is because some venues retain a list of preferred caterers that they have business arrangements with. They may expect you to choose one from the list. Larger venues may also employ in-house catering staff and expect you to use them for your catering needs. There may also be special clauses in contracts that permit outside caterers, but be mindful of restrictions such as not being able to use certain pieces of kitchen equipment for liability reasons. If you want total freedom over choosing your own caterer, seek out a venue that does not have restrictions in place. Ensure that those that are flexible will not charge astronomical fees for hiring an outside source. 

Food Style and Source

Today, people have a variety of diets. Some of them are due to allergies. For example, some people have gluten intolerances or seafood allergies. Perhaps you and your future spouse come from different ethnic backgrounds. You will likely want food options that are ideal for all guests. This is something that you should communicate with caterers you are thinking about hiring. You may also have a preference regarding your foods and where they are sourced from. For example, you may prefer to use organic or locally sourced fruit due to pesticide, freshness, or GMO concerns. When you narrow down your catering choices, ensure that you inquire about having a tasting. This will allow you to choose the dishes that you find tantalizing, and if your future spouse can attend these sessions, it would be ideal.

A wedding caterer is a good resource to use for specific questions about services. Some catering companies may offer full-service options. For example, they may have servers and bartenders available for your event. 


17 August 2016

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