Three Herbs You Should Add To Your Diet


Herbs are a great addition to your diet. Most herbs contain few, if any, calories, so they will not contribute to weight gain; they add a lot of flavor to your daily dishes, and they have a variety of nutritional benefits. The following are a few herbs you should consider including in your diet.


This herb is considered an evergreen and even resembles a small twig from such a tree. Some claim that it has a pine aroma to it. Mostly, it is used in poultry dishes and occasionally with lamb. Like many herbs, if it is your first time using rosemary, it is better to use too little than too much, so if you find a recipe that calls for rosemary, you might want to reduce the amount the recipe calls for until you get an idea of how well you like this herb. This herb is known to help your heart and circulatory system.

Bay leaves

You may already be familiar with this herb; many people use them in soups and stews. But what you may not realize is how beneficial they are. They are known for the relief they bring to those with a sinus or congestion problems. Often, people think that it is the soup that works wonders when they have a cold, but it has more to do with the presence of bay leaves. It is the oil contained in bay leaves that helps reduce inflammation, and it is for this reason that some have found help for their arthritis. If you like the flavor of bay leaves, simply make a habit of using them more in your soups and stews or any dish that is slow cooked. This is what brings out the oil in the leaves.


These seeds are a common ingredient in many Indian dishes but are not as well-known to western cuisine. Their flavor is that of a light citrus, mildly sweet and nutty at the same time. You can grind down the seeds and use it as a powder or use the seeds whole. Some people add them to stews, but they are popular as additional flavor with cooked vegetables when making a side dish. Coriander is thought to help reduce your bad cholesterol levels (low-density lipoprotein or LDL).

The above list of herbs is only a small sampling of what is available. What you decide to add to your favorite dishes, of course, is a matter of taste, so you will need to experiment with your recipes. Depending upon where you live, certain herbs may not be available; however, every herb you would like to try is available for sale online.


17 August 2016

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