3 Great Uses For Dry Ice

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Dry ice is frozen carbon monoxide and it has been used for several different things over the years. While one of the more common uses for dry ice is to make homemade root beer, it also can be used quite effectively for several other things as well. This article will discuss 3 great uses for dry ice. 

Keep Packaged Items Cold

If you are traveling a long distance and need to keep some packaged items cold, then dry ice is great for this. Unlike regular ice, the dry ice is not going to melt very quickly and will keep your packaged item incredibly cold. This can be anything from food to medicine. You will just want to make sure that whatever is being kept cool by the dry ice isn't coming in direct contact with it but instead has a package of some sort to protect it.  

Wart Remover

If you have a stubborn wart that just won't go away, then you will likely want to go to the doctor to see if they can get rid of it for you. When you have a wart removed at the doctor's office, they are going to remove it via a process called cryosurgery. This is where they use carbon monoxide or dry ice to actually freeze the wart. They will use a pressured bottle to "spray" the dry ice directly onto the wart for a designated amount of time. Once the wart is frozen, it will then kill the skin, which will fall off. If the wart has been burned deep enough, then it will kill the entire wart virus. 


If you are throwing a party, then it can be a lot of fun to include some fog. This is especially true if you are doing a Halloween or other scary theme of party because the fog creates a sort of mysterious atmosphere for you guests. To create the fog, you are simply going to want to have some dry ice and pour water over it. As the water touches the ice it will change from a solid to a gas state and create the look of the fog. You can then use a couple of box fans to blow the fog through out the room where your party is taking place. The process is very simple and affordable, making it a huge hit at a lot of parties. 

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18 August 2016

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