Setting Up A Restaurant: Restaurant Equipment Supplies You Should Not Overlook

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Setting up a restaurant is a monumental task. Tables, chairs, linens, cookware, food--so much to purchase and so little time to manage it. It can get overwhelming, to the point that you might overlook something important or useful. Take a breath, and then take a look at this checklist for things you should not forget to stock in your restaurant's kitchen.

Hot Pads and Trivets

In the midst of your chaotic setup, do not forget these easily forgettable items. Hot pads by the dozen are necessary for any kitchen, or you and your chefs might suffer innumerable burns. Trivets keep pans from burning counter tops and prevent burnt food by allowing you to remove pans from hot burners. Cooking utensil trivets, when there is room on the stove for them, can save your chefs time by not forcing them to traipse through the kitchen looking for another spatula or spoon, and it keeps the utensils clean and off of dirty or unsanitary surfaces.

Boxes of Hair Nets and Beard Nets

Commercial hair nets for food prep professionals are definitely a necessity. Nobody wants to dig into a bowl of soup or pasta and find a hair there. If you are not banning facial hair in your kitchen, you may also need beard nets so that your bearded and mustachioed kitchen staff do not drop facial hairs in the food. Both types of nets are sold by the box, and they can be mounted to the wall via a dispenser for easy access at the ends of the kitchen stations.

Cleaners, Detergents and Degreasers

Of course your mind is focused on food, cooking and  customers, but do not forget that you cannot keep up a dinner service if you do not have clean pans and clean dishes. That said, do not forget to purchase commercial kitchen cleaners, dishwasher detergents and degreasers. If your restaurant does not have an automatic dishwasher and everything has to be washed by hand, you will also need liquid dish soap and commercial dish santizers for the sanitizing tub.

Fire Safety and Extinguishers

Your kitchen sprinkler system should already be in good working order, but do not forget your fire extinguishers. Too many grease fires in restaurant kitchens occur that could have been put out had the chefs had access to fire extinguishers and were trained to use them. You can place big extinguishers on the walls on the opposite ends of the prep kitchen and store a smaller one under the counter near the stove area so that your chefs can get to an extinguisher no matter where the chefs are standing when a fire erupts.

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25 August 2016

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